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Club Penguin Herbert Tracker For November 2014

Below is some brief info on who Herbert is:

Herbert P. Bear on Club Penguin is also known as the “Illustrious leader Supreme” of Club Herbert. He is the enemy of the EPF and has been for a very long time, ever since his first appearance on the Club Penguin Mission 3: The Case Of The Missing Puffles. Herbert has been trying to take over Club Penguin with help of his loyal assistant, Klutzy the crab. Herbert has tried many times to take over CP (as we can see in many of the Secret Agent Missions) but they always fail. In fact, we caught Herbert for a while and he was kept in “captivity” but after a while, he managed to escape. Herbert is now back with his newest schemes to take over the Club Penguin Island! You must help CP capture Herbert once again by using the tracker below!

Herbert Tracker

Club Penguin Herbert Tracker 2012

To use the tracker above, simply click the “Refresh Tracker” button every few minutes or so in order to refresh it, if you notice that the tracker is not updating even when you refresh, then please do not refresh as fast, and wait a few minutes in before refreshing again. If it still does not change, Herbert is most likely offline. The chat below is a great way to find Herbert

Use the Chat below (xat name: Penguin) to find Herbert faster and team up with other players that want to find Herbert! We plan on finding Herbert many times using the chat below:

How to Find Herbert on Club Penguin

Finding Herbert can often be difficult, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be if you follow the steps below to help you in finding him:

  1. Look for Crowded servers with 3 or more bars
  2. Get together with friends to find him!
  3. Don’t listen to people on CP that say “Follow me for Herbert!” because it usually is NOT true
  4. Use the Chat above if you are having trouble
  5. Check servers from other languages! Alot of times Herbert will go into Portuguese servers or even Spanish servers
  6. Be patient, and take your time in finding Herbert

Also, you could always check updates on my Twitter (S0pe Creek) because I usually send a tweet out whenever Herbert has been found on Club Penguin.

Herbert FAQ

Herbert, just like any other mascot, gives out a FREE background when you meet him and click on his player card. You can get this item even if you are a nonmember. Check out this picture of what herbert’s background looks like this month!

Herbert Tracker 2013

It’s a really cool background isn’t it? Maybe Herbert will come back in the future with a new background! Or maybe he won’t be back for a very long time, there’s no way to tell, yet.


Yes! Once you find Herbert, and collect his free item, he will be automatically added to your list of friends so that you can find him in the future when he decides to come back to the island.


That is all! I hope you find this tracker useful and you are able to find Herbert many times around the island. Even if you already found him, you can help the guys out who haven’t found him already! Sometimes we may have contests in the chat above and give out prizes for whoever finds Herbert the fastest on CP. We might give out things like memberships for CP and other cool codes that can be useful to you.


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    When I used this tracker, it was ACE! :-)

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    herbert kidnapped the green puffle in the dance club,the yellow one in the stage and the black one in the mine

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    Where is the best place to find Herbet?

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    Herbert’s coming back for… Operation Puffle! >:D

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