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Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker 2014

Hey guys! Aunt Arctic is a very famous penguin on Club Penguin and she is visiting Club Penguin for the Super Hero Takeover Party 2014!. She tends to visit the island every few months or so. Aunt Arctic sticks out from other penguins because of her Pink Hat and Glasses. Use the Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker 2014 below to find her now!

Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker 2014

Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker

——–>;Refresh Tracker <;——–

Simply click the “Refresh Tracker” so the Tracker refreshes itself! It is recommended that you refresh the tracker every 30 seconds – 1 minute.

This is what what Aunt Arctic looks like:

Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker

You can find Aunt Arctic by using the tracker above, and also by checking full servers, but ALSO use the chat below, we will be talking lots about tracking Aunt Arctic and we will all be one big tracking team! :D


This is this month’s Aunt Arctic background:

Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker

Tips For Finding Aunt Arctic:

  • Check Full Servers! Or check servers that normally aren’t full
  • Listen to the penguins around you! Although sometimes penguins LIE just for attention, a lot of times penguins shout,”Aunt Arctic” when she is close!
  • Aunt Arctic loves switching servers, so don’t stay at one place for too long!
  • Odds are that Aunt Arctic is getting a BIG crowd, so look around for some BIG crowds!
  • Aunt Arctic likes roaming all around the island!
  • Check what penguins are in the room you are in! (Click On your Buddy list, then down on your buddy list click on the blank smilie to see who is in your room!)
  • Ask your friends! Get together with some friends and Help Find Aunt Arctic!

What will Aunt Arctic Give Me?

  1. First, Aunt Arctic is ALWAYS giving away a FREE background!

Check Out This Free Background I Got From Aunt Arctic!

Aunt Arctic Tracker

How Can I Be Aunt Arctic’s Friend????

  • To make Aunt Arctic your friend, simply collect her free background!

Leave A Comment If YOU Found Aunt Arctic using the Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker 2014!


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