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Mission 1 Case of The Missing Puffles Guide

Club Penguin Mission 1 Case of the Missing Puffles Walkthrough Tutorial

  1. Talk to Aunt Arctic.. Doesn’t matter what you click.
  2. Go to the Ice Rink and look all the way to the right, pick up the photos on the ground.
  3. Place them into your inventory
  4. Give the photos to Aunt Arctic
  5. Go to the pet shop and read the note that is all the way to the left on the Dog House
  6. Decode the Message: Note: I Can’t tell you what it says Because it’s different for everyone.
  7. Go to the Sports Shop After you Decode the Message
  8. Tell Gary the Decoded Message that you found which should be a number
  9. Talk to Gary, then grab the 2 items into your inventory
  10. Go to the Iceburg, and use the Life Preserver Launcher To save the penguins
  11. Once you save the penguins, head to the Skii Mountain
  12. Use your Spy Phone to fix the telescope (Use the Wrench That’s on your Spy Phone)
  13. Once you fix the telescope, look through it until you find the Flying Puffle
  14. Go to the Tallest Mountain (On your map)
  15. Use the Grapple Hook to get to the top
  16. After you find the missing puffles, talk to Aunt Arctic and collect your reward.


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