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Club Penguin Codes 2014

There are many codes on Club Penguin, what kind of codes are you looking for? Click on the pages below and you will find many Club Penguin Codes! Here is the Club Penguin Codes 2013 List.

Club Penguin Codes 2013

  • Club Penguin Book Codes are used to unlock special items and coins from “Codes” that you get specifically from books that relate to Club Penguin. These book codes come from such books like the Club Penguin Stowaway and Inventor’s Apprentive.

Club Penguin Codes 2013

  • Club Penguin Cheat codes are codes that give you free coins and also free items on Club Penguin. These are very useful to get a good boost of coins. Cheat codes can help you unlock cool clothing items like the alien hat and the bunch of balloons for you to wear! You can even unlock some Halloween stuff that you can wear during costume parties.
Club Penguin Codes
  • The free Club Penguin codes are given out every single weekend. In order to participate, I suggest you follow me on twitter because I can help you with how to join the contests and tips for winning them. In addition, I also give out hints on Saturdays for the giveaways. For more info on these Club Penguin codes, simple go to our free Club Penguin Codes page!

Enjoy all your codes! When Club Penguin releases more codes, all of these pages will be updated. You can use Club Penguin Codes to do things like unlock items, unlock coins, and if you participate in my contests, you can even win yourself some free club penguin codes! So, be sure to thoroughly look through all our codes and you may find something that makes you happy :)

To unlock codes, you will need to log in to Club Penguin, then click on the “Unlock Codes” on the top right hand, and choose what type of code you want to type in. Usually it will be a cheat code that you have obtained from our cheat codes list.

CP Codes

The icon above is the icon that you’re looking for in order to unlock the codes, once you click on “Unlock Items Online!” a treasure box will open up asking you to unlock a book code or a normal code. Check out our cheat codes page for some codes that you can type in for free and get some cool clothing items and lots of coins.

How to get Free Club Penguin Codes:

As you may have seen, I have a page that is solely for giving out free club penguin codes! In this page, I have the contests every Saturday and every Sunday.

I like to call Saturdays the “Big Contest” day because on Saturday is when i giveout the more popular codes like coin codes, fruit codes, membership codes, and other codes like those.

Sundays are the “Soft Giveaways” because on Sundays I only give out Card Jitsu codes (which are used to unlock cards in the game that help you succeed in Card Jitsu games by giving you exclusive power cards that you normally would not be able to get in the game.

The way that most Saturday contests work is that you refresh the page at the time that I list on the page that the contest will start. After you refresh the page when I told you to on the page, you will see that at the top of the page a question will randomly appear. Beneath this question you will see a button that says “Click Here To Answer The Question!”

So basically, all you have to do is read the question, find the answer, and click on the button. Once you click on the button, you will be asked to put in your e-mail address and any username you want. Then you can type your answer in and click “Submit.” The First Three people that correctly answered to the question will be placed in a program that randomly chooses a winner. Once the program chooses this winner, you will be e-mailed your code.

Hint: You can skip the step that you have to type in your e-mail and a username by connecting your twitter or WordPress account to this site. To do so, simply leave a comment on any post or page on this site, and click on the little twitter or WordPress icon and it will ask you for your username and password. Type these in and TheCpGuide will automatically remember you! This means for the contests you will only have to click on the answer button, type in your answer, and submit! This will surely buy you a few seconds that you will desperately need in order to win the giveaways.

PLEASE NOTE: it is HIGHLY recommended that you follow me on Twitter or at least check my Twitter during the contests and the giveaways because I always give hints on my twitter on what the questions will be every Saturday, and I announce the winners instantly on Twitter.

Unlock Club Penguin Codes

Ok guys, first step to unlocking Club Penguin codes is to go to the Log-in screen on CP and log in to your penguin. Once you are logged in then you will see this little symbol in the top right corner like this:

Right Corner of Page

Once you click on the “Unlock Items Online” badge, you will be redirected to a treasure chest that will ask you “I’ve got a book” or “I’ve got a code” If you have a code that you purchased at a store and you would like to unlock, then click on “I’ve got a code”

If you want to unlock some coins by using our Book Codes (Click the link above for the codes) then click on “I’ve got a book” and it will ask you to choose one of the books like you can see below:

Club Penguin Books

Once you choose a book, it will ask you for a certain word in the page that they say. Since you do not have the book, you will use our book codes page so that it will tell you the word that you are looking for.

Once you input the correct word, you will receive free coins on Club Penguin!

If you chose “I’ve got a code” in the first section, then what you unlock depends on the type of code that you bought. These codes could be coin codes, card jitsu codes, pin codes, game codes, magazine codes, and more! Once you type it in, the treasure box will open itself and reveal the item that you just unlocked and it automatically adds the item into your inventory. If you entered a code for coins, then the coins will automatically be added into your total amount of coins.

Leave a comment below if you have any troubles with unlocking Club Penguin Codes.


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