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Club Penguin Puffle Party Cheats 2014

The Puffle Party has finally been released on Club Penguin with two brand new puffle species! Alongside that, the entire Club Penguin interface has changed with some awesome redesigned rooms with a brand new one. Here is our Club Penguin Puffle Party Cheats 2014 Guide below.

When you first log in to the Puffle Party, you will meet up with Paige (PH) to begin your Puffle Party quest. You can adopt the new Cat and Dog Puffle at the Pet Shop and try out the new tricks.

Puffle Party 1

Now lets being with the wooden puffle booth. Everyday, you can go up to a booth and claim items similar to the Teen Beach Takeover. With here also, you can transform into your own puffle color that you own.

Puffle Party 2

Next up is the new puffle tricks added to the new Club Penguin interface. They have took away the suggested chat and added puffle tricks. With this. you can do tricks with your puffle, and make it dig without walking around. However, there is a time wait.

Puffle Party 3

When you head over to the Pet Shop on Club Penguin, you will spot two brand new puffle species, the Dog and Cat Puffle! Members can adopt each of them for 800 coins.

Puffle Party 4

Lastly is the Puffle Park. This room is located where the Puffle Roundup game is were you can interact with your puffles and have fun with them!

Puffle Party 5

What do you think of the Puffle Party? Let me know with a comment below!


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