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Hey guys!

Club Penguin updated today, and there is a brand new Furniture and Igloo Catalog! The new items in this month’s catalog have to do with the Puffle Party that is coming up on April 17, so these new items have to do with Puffles. Here is the cover of the newest catalog:

April 2014 furniture catalog cover

The newest igloo that you can buy is the Puffle Tree House! This house is a little different than the one you get for unlocking 3 month membership codes, but it’s still pretty cool:

Puffle Tree House

In addition to the new Puffle Tree House, you can buy some cool new items that are in the shape of puffles like the Grumpy Lanterns and the Fuzzy Couches.

There is one new hidden item in this catalog:

  • To get the Puffle Stage, click on the middle line in the page with the flooring:

Hidden Puffle Stage

The only other hidden item is in the same page, and it is when you click on the Sunny Sky Floor, to view all of the hidden items in this catalog please go to our Furniture and Igloo Catalog Cheats page.

That’s it for the catalog! Enjoy your new Puffle-themed Furniture items!

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