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Hey guys!

Club Penguin released the newest igloo and furniture catalogs today. In this new igloo catalog, there is a brand new igloo! The new igloo is the igloo that I posted about yesterday, the Magical Hideout igloo. Check out the picture below of this brand new igloo:

Magical Hideout Igloo

The cost of this new igloo is 1500 coins. Get it now before it’s gone!

Now for the igloo catalog cheats:

  • For the Secret Stone igloo, click on the rock shown below on the page with the Beach Igloo

igloo cheat1

  • For the Estate Igloo, click on the left window in the Medieval Manor as shown below


  • Lastly, to get the Secret Deluxe Stone igloo, click on the door of the Deluxe Igloo shown below


Those are the igloo catalog cheats for now! Check out our Club Penguin Igloo Catalog Cheats page if you need to check the cheats in the future. Have fun with your cool new igloos!

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