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Club Penguin New EPF Message

Greetings agents. Gary has left us a message for those EPF Agents though your EPF Phone. He has told us the that he has accidentally the temporal distortion. He also said that things are back to normal and he will find a way to break it again. We aren’t sure what will happen to the EPF, we are positive that field ops won’t be coming back to CP once more since they tweeted me the information that there making EPF bigger in the future. We will bring you more messages from Gary as soon as possible.

Club Penguin New EPF Message

EPF Message

We aren’t sure whats going to happen to the EPF, but we will find an answer soon. Thing’s are going rough in the EPF ever since Herbert took over the island in Operation Blackout back in November 2012. Luckily, we stopped Herbert form taking over, but the island was was destroyed due to his activities. What do you expect in the future EPF? Do you think we could save the day once more? Be sure to share your thoughts on Club Penguin New EPF Message and whats happening to the EPF below!


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