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Hey guys!

Club Penguin released a NEW Field Op today! Follow All the instructions below to figure out how to beat this week’s Field Op!

First, You’re Agent phone will start ringing, Answer it and click “Go There” ! This is what gary will tell you when you talk to him! :

Now, go to the Skii Hill Then go to the Top Left 

Your spy phone will turn GREEN. Click “Engage” on your spy phone and this will come up:

Cool! A New game mode! The rules are very easy and simple:

  • You have 7 tries to guess the right combination
  • Green means the symbol is correct.
  • Yellow means the symbol is correct but needs to be placed in another spot.
  • Red means the symbol is wrong.
  • Once you complete this, You will earn a medal !

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  • Emily March 14, 2012, 6:37 pm

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