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Club Penguin has released the new times issue, with this being the 514th one to be ever released and the 35th issue of this year, 2015. With that being said, let’s get right into the news!

Club Penguin Times Issue 514

Fashion Festival Launch

The fashion festival has officially launched! Dot the Design Gal, for the third time in a row, has claimed the main article in this week’s newspaper issue. She tells us that the island has been looking very fashionable and that she’s got her eyes on the runways. The Dock has silly challenges, it reads, the Snow Forts is the home of high fashion and the Forest has the most wildest themes.

Tenth Anniversary Prep

The second article this week is written by the well known Aunt Arctic. She writes that although there’s quite a while until the big event, the tenth anniversary is going to be the biggest they’ve had. October 24th is Club Penguin anniversary, but this time it will be more than a single day event. (longer than a day?!) She asks us what our favourite memories are as she’s helping out the party planners. How should we celebrate our ten years on the island, it reads, is there anything we’ve always wanted to see again? Send in your suggestions as soon as you can to the Club Penguin ideas team!

Upcoming Events

To end off this week’s newspaper, we have the final and usual upcoming events section. On September the 3rd, the new Penguin Style catalog will be released, supposedly with school-year related clothing. On September the 9th, the Fashion Challenges will finish so be sure to submit your outfit before this day to get it voted on! On September the 11th, the best and most-liked outfits submitted to Club Penguin will be shown to all penguins. Once again, don’t forget to submit yours in!

My favourite part of this week’s issue was that of Aunt Arctic – the sentence which read “this year’s event will be much more than a single day party” got me thinking… Will this year’s anniversary be celebrated for multiple days? This hasn’t ever been done by Club Penguin before, and will certainly be an interesting change. It’ll also help penguins who aren’t able to collect the annual party hat on the original day, as they’ll be able to collect it on a later date.

What was your favourite article this week? Let us know in the comment section down below!




Club Penguin Video – Meet Dot the Design Gal

Club Penguin has released a brand new video on their official YouTube, Club Penguin, titled “Meet Dot the Design Gal – Disney Club Penguin”. Within this very video, Club Penguin unveils multiple disguises that Dot could possibly wear/be using.

The video can be found below.

Meet Dot The Design Gal

Here are a few pictures taken from the video that show her disguises.

One scene that was certainly caught by my eye was a scene in which Dot was nearly caught by Herbert and Klutzy, however her disguise saved her. Klutzy did look at her as if he thought something was fishy, though. But anyway, look very closely in this scene.

Doy got ahold of a piece of paper that was thrown in the bin by Herbert. While Dot was looking at the paper, you can see that at the top of the paper it’s written “OPERATI”, with the other letters cut off. That means that it definitely did read “OPERATION” on the top of the paper. Could Herbert and Klutzy be up to something? Are they planning another operation to try and succeed their mission; taking over the island?!

I think that there’s definitely something going on. What do you think? Let us know down in the comment section below!



The new Club Penguin times issue has been released, this being the 513th one that they have rolled out since the beginning and the 34th issue of this year, 2015. So let’s begin with this week’s issue!

Club Penguin Times Issue 513

Fashion Stylists Needed

Dot is back for this week’s times issue once again, using the name “Dot the Design Gal” to stay undercover. She tells us that the Fashion Festival is just next week and that she’s really excited to see how the penguins enjoy the upcoming Fashion Challenges.

Skateboarding 101

The second article is  coming from Rookie. He writes that skateboarding class is hard and that it’s nearly as tough as the EPF test. He needs to take the big exam again. He sees amazing skaters at the Skate Park, doing some sweet tricks like the super fast spin. He tells us that he has made his own trick called the two-handed sandwich grab, which is delicious.

Upcoming Events

The upcoming events section is back this week! On August the 27th, the Fashion Festival will commence and Dot the Design Gal will begin visiting for the duration of the party. On September the 3rd, the Furniture and Igloo catalog will be updated for the autumn season. The new pin has now been hidden until September the 2nd.

My favourite part of this week’s issue was the Rookie article – it was quite funny for me to learn that Rookie is struggling to pass skateboarding class but you’ll eventually get it done, Rookie!

What was your favourite article this week? Let us know in the comment section down below!




Just recently, Megg had published a new post on to the official Club Penguin blog. This time, she talks about the upcoming party in September, telling us what the party is going to be.

According to the post, tons of Club Penguin players contacted and requested them for a Descendants Party. After the team watched the movie, they decided that it’d be a great idea to bring the Auradon Prep to the island of Club Penguin.

Here is some concept art that they shared:

Another thing that she had shared with us is that the Iceberg will be floating over on the official Club Penguin app for tablet and mobile devices for the duration of the party!

This party seems like it’ll turn out really great in the end! I  haven’t watched the Descendants yet, however I am now wanting to – what do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

– Dazzdog


Club Penguin Golden Hanger Pin Cheat

Every two weeks, Club Penguin hides a brand new collectible pin on the island for us to collect. Today is the day a brand new pin is released and hidden on the island as the Glam Clam Pin from last time is NO LONGER OBTAINABLE. The new pin is called  the Golden Hanger Pin which will be on the island until September 2nd. Check out the full Club Penguin Golden Hanger Pin Cheat Guide down below.

Club Penguin Golden Hanger Pin Cheat 2015

1. Log onto Club Penguin

2. Go on any server

3. Head over to the Plaza, then into the Puffle Hotel

4. You will see the pin next to the entrance. Click on it to claim the brand new pin!

Club Penguin Golden Hanger Pin Cheat

Remember, all pins are available for a limited time so be sure to claim this one before it’s too late! How many pins do you have on Club Penguin? Be sure to let us know about the brand new pin with a comment down below!


TheCPGuide.com Administrator


New Club Penguin Blog Design 2015

Most of you guys know that Club Penguin has been making some big chances around the game, and website. Recently, they have just updated their What’s New blog with a complete new layout which will be easier to organize posts. Instead of having the old layout with posts in order, they have added a new interface which orders the posts from newest to oldest. In addition, they’ve added more categories to the What’s New blog with the Club Penguin Times, Videos, and authors from Club Penguin Staff and Mascots. Check out the design of the New Club Penguin Blog Design 2015:

New Club Penguin Blog Design 2015

New Club Penguin Blog Design 2015

Of course, if you would like to see the new design for yourself, you can always check out the Club Penguin What’s New Blog anytime. It was about time Club Penguin changed the theme of their blog, don’t you think? Do you like the much more organized blog or do you prefer the last layout better? Be sure to let us know what you think with a comment down below!


TheCPGuide.com Administrator


Club Penguin has rolled out the new newspaper issue, with this being the 512th one that they have released. This week’s newspaper issue includes some quite interesting articles. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Club Penguin Times Issue 512

Dot the Design Gal

Club Penguin Times Issue 512 - Dot the Design Gal!

Just like Dot informed us in the EPF message, she’s under the cover name “Dot the Design Gal” for this week’s newspaper issue. It seems like Dot really knows her stuff when it comes to fashion; who knew?!

International Cat Day

Club Penguin Times Issue 512 - International Cat Day

In this article, Aunt Arctic talks about International Cat Day which was this week, but has now past. She tells us that they’ve only just finished repairing the Pet Shop. Cat puffle owners had brought their puffles along with them to the Pet Shop to play, but Aunt Arctic complains that bringing many cats into a single room at one time creates chaos. The puffles had a great time, however. Aunt Arctic tells us that if you’re looking to adopt one, you can head over to the Pet Shop; cat puffles are all down there (only for members)!

Island Rumors

Club Penguin Times Issue 512 - Island Rumors

The Upcoming Events article was replaced with Island Rumors, this week. The Rumor Reporter writes that Gary has created numerous devices for the island. He claims that all of his inventions start at 1 and are perfected by attempt 3000 (The ____ 3000). He places a twist on this and asks the players of Club Penguin: what about the 2999 prototypes? Has Gary hidden thousands of potentially dangerous devices somewhere? This makes it possible that Herbert could have gotten a hold of them – or maybe even Rookie!

Ask Aunt Actic

Club Penguin Times Issue 512 - Ask Aunt Arctic

Ashley10511 asks: “Are the Training Missions real?”. Aunt Arctic answers this specific question in Tic Tac code, the special code language used by EPF agents. The code translates to: “The training missions are virtual reality but they are based on actual missions. Good luck in training Agent Ashley!”

I personally enjoyed reading this week’s newspaper issue – there were lots of interesting and exciting articles within this one. My favourite was the Island Rumors part!

What do you think? Did you like this week’s newspaper issue? Let us know in the comment section down below!