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Club Penguin May 2014 Igloo Catalog Cheats

The new Club Penguin Furniture and Igloo Catalog of May 2014 has finally arrived to Club Penguin for preparation of the Future Party 2014. Here, you can get the latest Future Party furniture to future-ize your igloo. It also includes a brand new Future Igloo available for parties during the party and a new igloo setting. Take a look if the Club Penguin May 2014 Igloo Catalog Cheats.

Club Penguin May 2014 Furnutire Catalog Cheats

Club Penguin May 2014 Furnutire Catalog Cheats 1

Club Penguin May 2014 Furnutire Catalog Cheats 2

Club Penguin May 2014 Furnutire Catalog Cheats 3

Those are all the cheats in this months Club Penguin Furniture & Igloo Catalog of May 2014. Are you ready for the battle of Protobot in the Future Party 2014? Give us your thoughts with comments down below!


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Club Penguin Neon O’Berry Pin Cheat 2014

The new Neon  O’Berry Pin has been hidden on the island of Club Penguin for us to collect for the next two weeks. The Neon O’Berry Pin must be the symbol of the ending of the Puffle Party 2014 which has just ended with new Puffle species such as the Cat and Dog Puffle. Here is the Club Penguin Neon O’Berry Pin Cheat 2014 Guide right below.

Club Penguin Neon O'Berry Pin Cheat 2014

I like the pin as it is very eye-catching and the use of colors is very bright. What do you think of the new Club Penguin Neon O’Berry Pin? Let us know with comments right below!


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Club Penguin Funny Hat Week Walkthrough

As you may heard, Club Penguin has arranged a small mini-party at the Dock celebrating Funny Hat Week. There, you will see a wide variety of crazy funny hats claimable to all users. There also, you can claim the Funny Hat Party Background just by clicking the camera shown below near the stair walk. Without further more ado, here is the Club Penguin Funny Hat Week Walkthrough Guide shown below.

Club Penguin Funny Hat Week Walkthrough

This is the only room that was been redecorated into this party, making it one unique weekly party that Club Penguin has rarely done. What do you think of Crazy Hat Week on Club Penguin? Let me know all your thoughts with a comment below!


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Club Penguin Puffle Party Cheats 2014

The Puffle Party has finally been released on Club Penguin with two brand new puffle species! Alongside that, the entire Club Penguin interface has changed with some awesome redesigned rooms with a brand new one. Here is our Club Penguin Puffle Party Cheats 2014 Guide below.

When you first log in to the Puffle Party, you will meet up with Paige (PH) to begin your Puffle Party quest. You can adopt the new Cat and Dog Puffle at the Pet Shop and try out the new tricks.

Puffle Party 1

Now lets being with the wooden puffle booth. Everyday, you can go up to a booth and claim items similar to the Teen Beach Takeover. With here also, you can transform into your own puffle color that you own.

Puffle Party 2

Next up is the new puffle tricks added to the new Club Penguin interface. They have took away the suggested chat and added puffle tricks. With this. you can do tricks with your puffle, and make it dig without walking around. However, there is a time wait.

Puffle Party 3

When you head over to the Pet Shop on Club Penguin, you will spot two brand new puffle species, the Dog and Cat Puffle! Members can adopt each of them for 800 coins.

Puffle Party 4

Lastly is the Puffle Park. This room is located where the Puffle Roundup game is were you can interact with your puffles and have fun with them!

Puffle Party 5

What do you think of the Puffle Party? Let me know with a comment below!


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Club Penguin Puffle Handler Meetup Times 2014

The Club Penguin Team has posted some meet up times for Puffle Handler for the Puffle Party. As the Puffle Party begins, the new Cat and Dog Puffle are a huge success as more Puffle Interactions have been added. The meetup times below include the date, server, time in PST (Pacific Standard Time), and room. Without further more, here is the Club Penguin Puffle Handler Meetup Times 2014.

Club Penguin Puffle Handler Meetup Times 2014
Here are some meet-up times to hang out with our favorite Puffle Handler:

Friday, April 18

* 12:30pm on the server White Out
* 4:00pm on the server Sherbet
Saturday, April 19

* 1:00pm on the server Mammoth
* 2:00pm on the server Mittens
* 5:00pm on the server Crystal
Sunday, April 20

* 9:00am on the server Fog
* 2:00pm on the server Cloudy
* 6:00pm on the server Wool Socks
* 7:00pm on the server Rainbow
Monday, April 21

* 8:30am on the server Fog * 5:30pm on the server Frosty

Tuesday, April 22

* 8:30am on the server Fog

Wednesday, April 23

* 8:30am on the server Fog

>Remember! The times listed above are in Penguin Standard Time. (If you don’t remember what Penguin Standard Time is, you can check the Clock Tower at the Snow Forts.)

Stay tuned! We’ll have more meet-up times coming soon.

Waddle On,

-Club Penguin Team

Are you going the meet up with Puffle Handler with these meetup times during the Puffle Party? Be sure to let me know with a comment below!


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Hey guys!

The new furniture and igloo catalog was not the only thing that updated today. Along with the new catalog, we have Rockhopper visiting the island! This is very exciting because we all love RH. He also brought some cool new items for us.

To get to Rockhopper’s ship, head to the Beach and enter the ship. You will then get this message from RH:

New Puffles by Rockhopper

Starting April 17, you will be able to adopt Cat and Dog Puffles! These will only be available temporarily, so it’s important that you log in during the Puffle Party to collect them!

Click “OK” to the message above and proceed to the lower floor of the ship, then click on the catalog on the lower right corner of the screen, and you will see the new items:

Rockhopper's new items

ALL of these are new items, and they’re all pretty cool! If you’re not a member, you still get an item: The Free Pufflescape Ball Cap! That means that we all get to have new items.

Be on the lookout for a post with the Meetup times of Rockhopper on the English servers, we will post them as soon as they’re out!

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Hey guys!

Club Penguin updated today, and there is a brand new Furniture and Igloo Catalog! The new items in this month’s catalog have to do with the Puffle Party that is coming up on April 17, so these new items have to do with Puffles. Here is the cover of the newest catalog:

April 2014 furniture catalog cover

The newest igloo that you can buy is the Puffle Tree House! This house is a little different than the one you get for unlocking 3 month membership codes, but it’s still pretty cool:

Puffle Tree House

In addition to the new Puffle Tree House, you can buy some cool new items that are in the shape of puffles like the Grumpy Lanterns and the Fuzzy Couches.

There is one new hidden item in this catalog:

  • To get the Puffle Stage, click on the middle line in the page with the flooring:

Hidden Puffle Stage

The only other hidden item is in the same page, and it is when you click on the Sunny Sky Floor, to view all of the hidden items in this catalog please go to our Furniture and Igloo Catalog Cheats page.

That’s it for the catalog! Enjoy your new Puffle-themed Furniture items!